HTC's Vive X program will invest $100 million in VR startups

This is how HTC hopes to build up its virtual reality ecosystem.

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Devindra Hardawar
April 26, 2016 2:22 PM
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HTC's Vive X program will invest $100 million in VR startups

HTC is aiming to jump-start VR development with its new Vive X fund, an accelerator that will support and promote startups working in the new medium. Vive X is backed by a $100 million investment fund (mostly from HTC), and it'll kick off in Beijing next month (with San Francisco and Taipei to follow). As with most accelerator programs, it'll offer mentorship, work space and, naturally, some investment capital to a selected group of startups. After a few months, the chosen companies will show off their projects at celebratory demo days (again, something common to this type of program).

While the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are both capable pieces of kit, they both suffer from a lack of truly great VR content. That's basically what HTC is hoping to fix with Vive X (Facebook and Oculus are also pouring cash into VR developers). With its first Beijing program, HTC says it's specifically focusing on companies that have already been successful in the VR world. It's not just going to be about games, either. The company says it's also looking into companies that are building tools and accessories for VR.

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