There's a standing desk and balance board for kids now

The creators of the FluidStance balance board have crafted a standing desk for kids in the classroom.

Given the increasing anxiety of what sitting is doing to our bodies, it was only a matter of time before someone began worrying about our nation's children. After seeing his son's classroom, FluidStance chief Joel Heath decided to build the UpGrade, a standing desk and balance board combo for school kids. Much like the adult version, it centers around a balance board that is claimed will help small ones be more active. As part of the project, the company has also made a height-adjustable desk that'll let three kids take a break from sitting at any one time.

It's always grating to see an established company launch a new product on Kickstarter but that's where FluidStance has chosen to release the UpGrade. Early backers can grab the standalone balance board for kids by throwing $129 at their screens. If you want three boards and the height-adjustable desk that goes with, it'll set you back $947. If you can afford that much, however, the company will hand a matching system to an accredited school of your choice. Alternatively, it'll hand the desk to Stand Up Kids, a program that wants all public school kids to have access to standing desks.

FluidStance is also working on an adult version of the UpGrade table and any office workers who want one can get one put aside for $1,197. We tested one of the company's balance boards a while back and our objection was simply around the high price. Being made in the USA from responsibly-sourced materials push the bill of sale far in excess of the $25 gym deck that does the same job. It's a similar situation here, since while we can be sure it's a beautiful product with a noble goal, we don't know too many people who could drop that much cash on a whim.