The people who made Siri are readying another big leap in AI

Viv is promising 'an intelligent interface to everything' -- and it might actually happen.

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Viv Labs
Viv Labs

It's been a couple of years since we heard from Viv Labs, but a report from the Washington Post says it will debut the next generation of AI assistance on Monday. One reason we won't dismiss that possibility is because of the last project developed by company co-founders Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham -- a little feature called Siri. According to the Post, as much of a third of the team behind Siri is now at Viv, ready to fulfill a bigger dream of what the personal assistant can do than what we've seen so far in its Apple iteration.

Viv is planned as an open system -- more like the original Siri prior to being purchased by Apple in 2010 -- and currently features links to apps and services like Uber, FTD, SeatGuru and GrubHub. The example in the article describes ordering a pizza from Domino's without so much as making a phone call or opening an app. Viv can understand everything necessary like selecting toppings or picking a pizza place on its own, or as directed by natural conversation.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and other tech giants are already trying to integrate AI into our daily lives, but Viv's plan is to bypass app stores, device limitations or a messenger window. According to the Post, Google and Facebook have already tried to acquire it, and if its debut during TechCrunch Disrupt next week is everything promised, there will probably be other attempts soon.

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