Play 'Doom II' on a Raspberry Pi-powered Painsaw

If there's a more appropriate conduit through which this game should be played, I can't think of one at present.

For a game as extreme as Doom II, you need an equally extreme piece of tech to play it on. Sure, you could fire up DOSBox to go a few rounds, or you could nab a Raspberry Pi Zero and get the game running on a toy chainsaw. But it's not just any toy chainsaw anymore. It's the Painsaw now.

Created by George Merlocco, this insane project came to fruition thanks to a Echo Junior Chainsaw toy, Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 Charger, Raspberry Pi Zero, and the Adafruit PiTFT 2.2" HAT LCD screen.

The chainsaw toy itself started out with some pretty impressive working internals including a rubberized chain "blade" and sound effects as well as a trigger with working safety. Merlocco did away with those niceties since he had to, but the end result is still a grisly and totally sweet way to experience one of the greatest first-person shooters of all time.

There's even a charmingly retro video showcase to give it a more realistic lilt, and even though it references the original release date for Doom (December 10th, 1993) it's still very impressive.