Walgreens to launch web-based mental health assesments

The new service aims to screen 3 million people in 18 months.

Walgreens is taking an unprecedented step in combating America's critical shortage of mental health professionals. The company announced on Tuesday that it is partnering with nonprofit Mental Health America will offer screenings through its website. The service will evaluate for depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and a host of other mental illnesses. If any issues surface as a result of the screening, an MHA representative will be available to help the user find and schedule follow-up treatment nearby. And, if there's no qualified medical practitioner in their area, users will also have the option to discuss the matter with one of 1,000 state-licensed professional therapists or psychiatrists over the phone.

Take note, however, you'll need to make sure this follow-up conversation is covered by your insurance otherwise it'll run you about $60 on average. Still, that seems a small price to pay to get a handle on your mental health.