The new 'Ace Attorney' lands in September

It'll launch as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop.

Phoenix Wright and his band of lawyers, circus performers and spirit mediums are making their way to North America and Europe. The newest installment for the courtroom-slash-visual-novel franchise Ace Attorney will be released in the West in September this year. It's called Spirit of Justice and will (unfortunately) only be available as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop, just like Dual Destinies, for $30 (£25 / €30).

The 3DS game is set in the Kingdom of Khura'in, where lawyers are persecuted and trials are conducted by spirit séances. Best thing about it is that it's bringing back beloved characters from the older installments, including Miles Edgeworth, Ema Skye and even Wright's original ramen burger-loving sidekick Maya Fey. What would make it even better, though, is if its success leads to the North American and European release of The Great Ace Attorney. Because we're sure a lot of fans would love to play Wright's ancestor and solve cases with Sherlock Holmes.