Report: Twitter won't count links, photos in 140-character limit

Finally, you'll be able use all 140 characters to describe a photo.

According to Bloomberg, Twitter is prepping an update to its service that will keep photos and links from counting against the 140-character limit of a post. Currently the URL that points to images and sites takes up some of that available space.

The new feature is expected to launch within two weeks according to Bloomberg's anonymous source. Part of the attraction of Twitter's existing setup is that it limits the amount of information shared in each post. An early version of the service relied on SMS so that limiting the characters to 140 was more of a technical issue than anything else.

But, long-time users have asked that links, photos and usernames not count against the character limit. It looks like at least two of those items will no longer suck up valuable tweet real estate.

Twitter has been on a feature-adding spree lately as it tries to attract new users. But it's stopped short of creating a purely algorithmic timeline like what you'll see on Facebook. Instead, it's enhanced DMs and surfaced what it believes are the most important tweets so that they appear at the top of users' feeds.

We've asked Twitter for comment and will update this article if and when we hear back.