GM is already testing self-driving Chevy Bolts

It didn't take long for GM's electric and autonomous car efforts to come together.

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Brian Williams/SpiedBilde
Brian Williams/SpiedBilde

That didn't take long. Just weeks after GM bought Cruise Automation to give its self-driving car initiative a boost, the spy photographers at SpiedBilde have spotted multiple Chevy Bolts roaming around San Francisco with autonomous driving sensors on their roofs. In fact, one of the drivers is Cruise Automation co-founder Kyle Vogt -- clearly, he's taking the hands-on approach in this collaboration.

GM wouldn't comment when The Verge asked about the testing. However, the photos suggest that the automaker isn't waiting for Lyft before it starts testing its ideal combo of an electric car with self-driving technology. The company sees self-driving vehicles (specifically EVs) as crucial to its future, and it likely wants to master the fundamentals of driverless tech in its cars before it starts integrating with ridesharing services.

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