The After Math: Google I/O 2016 Edition

So. Much. New. Stuff.

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The After Math: Google I/O 2016 Edition

Google unleashed its 2016 developers conference on Mountain View, CA this morning. The company debuted a bunch of new products including its answer to Amazon's Alexa, dubbed Google Home; a new VR headset called Daydream (along with a new VR section for Play) and two new messaging apps, Allo and Duo. Google also showed off some of the new features we can expect in the upcoming Android N operating system, a full-blown overhaul of the Android Wear ecosystem, updates to Android Auto and some new tricks for Google Pay. Did I miss something? Yeah, probably. So check out our comprehensive coverage of the event here.

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  • 7,000
  • 3 billion
  • 50 percent
  • 20 million
  • All of them
  • 200 Million
  • 90 percent
  • 10 years
  • 600 percent
  • 20 ms
  • 0
  • 92 percent
For all the latest news and updates from Google I/O 2016, follow along here.
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