Amazon's screenwriting tool lets you easily share scripts

No need to export your screenplay to get a second opinion.

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Amazon's screenwriting tool lets you easily share scripts

We all have at least one great story to tell, and Amazon's free screenplay writing software is intended to help you spin that tale. Like other screenwriting tools, Amazon Storywriter auto-formats your work to the required industry standard, with the added benefit of letting you submit your script directly to Amazon Studios if you think you've created the next Prime Video original. Before you get to that point, though, you might want a second opinion. Which is why Amazon's added a new quick-sharing feature to Storywriter that lets you easily put your script in front of reliable critics (aka Mom and Dad).

This mean you no longer have to export a script and attach it to an email or upload it to a file-sharing service. Simply open the sharing menu within the browser-based version or Chrome app, plug in an email address, and the recipient will receive a link to a read-only version of your draft -- though they'll need an Amazon account to view it. You can also head back into that menu at any time and remove permissions, just in case you get tired of Dad's opinions on how your zombie vampire romance screenplay is taking shape.

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