Spotify's Family Plan now covers six people for $15 a month

Bringing it in line with Apple and Google's streaming services.


While Spotify has offered Family Plans for some time now, rival music streaming services, particularly those from Apple and Google, have it beat in terms of price. Today, the company has addressed that issue, allowing up to six family members (or friends) to grab a Premium subscription for $15/£15/€15 a month. Previously, linking just five accounts would cost double the price it does today.

With Apple Music gaining in popularity, Spotify is doing all it can to maintain its lead over the competition. Earlier this month, Apple confirmed that students in seven countries can now enjoy a 50 percent discount on their membership if they can prove they're studying at an eligible college or university. Spotify doesn't need to play catch-up there: it implemented student discounts more than two years ago.

As Spotify, Apple and Google now offer users roughly the same music catalog -- bar the odd exclusive -- price is one area where they can get one over their rivals. However, the major players have not yet shown a willingness to drop prices below what other platforms have set.

If you've already signed up to Spotify's Family Plan or manage the account on everyone's behalf, you'll be charged the new $15/£15 rate the next time the company takes your payment.