Apple Music's new student plan cuts subscriptions in half

If you can prove you're studying, you'll only have to pay $5/£5 a month.

Although it may soon give it a welcome revamp, Apple is finding new ways to lure new listeners to its Music streaming service. The company confirmed today that it has launched a new student membership in seven countries, which offers the same features as regular plans with at least a 50 percent discount. Users simply need to prove they're studying at an eligible college or university to take advantage of the new tier.

Currently, student memberships are live in Australia (A$5.99) and New Zealand (NZD $6.49), but will also be available in the US ($4.99), UK (£4.99), Denmark (kr49) , Ireland (€4.99) and Germany (€4.99) later today. They'll be available for at least four years after a user signs up and can be paused for study breaks. Spotify, on the other hand, provides a student discount for one year before reverting users back to a standard monthly plan.

While Spotify still leads the music streaming market by a fair margin, Apple is making headway. It already trumps its Scandinavian rival's Family Plan memberships, which allow users to add up to five additional members for $14.99 a month. Adding the same number of users would cost $34.99 on Spotify. Given that Apple has offered student discounts on hardware for some time, it's a surprise that it took so long for its music service to do the same.