Uber is using Foursquare location data to help pick you up

The days of playing tag with your driver might be coming to an end.

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Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you've used ridesharing often enough, you've probably run into problems getting the driver to pick you up at just the right spot. Ever play a frantic game of phone tag as the driver circles the block looking for you? Mercifully, that might not be much of an issue in the near future. Uber is partnering with Foursquare to use the location-based service's data to improve the accuracy of pickups and dropoffs. It'll tweak Foursquare's point-of-interest info to show drivers where to go when you request a ride or a bite to eat. It may indicate where the front entrance is, for example, or tell UberEats drivers to stop near the side door.

The team-up will help Foursquare, too. Uber's changes will roll into Foursquare's database, which should help whenever specific venue location data is vital. This isn't always going to be useful -- just ask anyone asking for pickup on a poorly-mapped private street -- but it should save valuable time when you're leaving a restaurant or ordering some much-needed dinner.

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