The trippy, haunting 'Oxenfree' soundtrack is on vinyl

Perfect for beachside parties, scavenger hunts or long nights alone.

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The trippy, haunting 'Oxenfree' soundtrack is on vinyl

Oxenfree's soundtrack is an electronica daydream that fades into a bumping nightmare; it's the aural interpretation of the sun setting over an abandoned, beachside military base packed with deadly secrets. In other words, it's perfectly suited to the game's haunting storyline and award-winning visual style. Thanks to iam8bit, the Oxenfree soundtrack is now available in vinyl form, including art from comic illustrator Austin James (Wet Brain) and a holographic portal on the front cover.

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The double LP vinyl set costs $35 via iam8bit and it should ship in September. Anyone who buys it will also be emailed a download code for the digital album in early June, once mastering is complete. Get a taste of the soundtrack, created by veteran video game composer Andy Rohrmann (SCNTFC), on Bandcamp.

Oxenfree hits PlayStation 4 on May 31st complete with a New Game+ mode that expands the narrative even after players have finished the game. Steam and Xbox One versions will also receive New Game+ on May 31st in a free update. Oxenfree is $20 across all platforms, but it'll be $15 for PlayStation Plus members in a launch month sale.

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