Adidas brings its Yeezy reservation app to some European cities

'Confirmed' previously only worked in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City.

Kris Jenner (Twitter)

It's Yeezy Season yet again. Today, following weeks of speculation, Adidas made the release date for Kanye West's new sneaker official: June 11th. In preparation for that, the company has updated its Confirmed app with a new look and, most importantly, expanded availability. The application, which lets iOS and Android users reserve Yeezys for in-store pick up, will work in Europe for the first time, starting with Berlin, Milan and London.

Additionally, there's now support for more US regions, including Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, Long Island, Miami, North New Jersey, Orange County, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Previously the Confirmed app only worked in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. If you're hoping to get a pair, this might be your best chance -- assuming the app doesn't crash under pressure, as it has for many people in the past.

Just make sure you're ready to go once Adidas opens reservations (you'll get a push notification), otherwise your best bet will be trying to buy the shoes from a reseller. And that won't be cheap.