Google Now on Tap now lets you search via image and text

If you see something, you can search for it with these new features.

Google Now on Tap has just been updated with a few significant features, especially if you're someone who lives for Google's image search capabilities.

The changes will now let you select certain text for specific search terms, conduct real-time image searches using the camera app, and make simple image searches, which vastly improves on what Google Now on Tap was previously capable of.

Now, rather than having to get Now on Tap to assume which search terms you actually want, you can type in the correct terms without too much trouble. For example, if you stand in front of something like a painting or a monument you can take a photo of the item in question and have Now on Tap search for it for you.

If you received the update today, you should be able to find the new feature on the Now on Tap bar, denoted by the finger icon at the bottom.