Avegant's wearable cinema gets more game-friendly features

Including plug-and-play 3D and head tracking.

Avegant's wearable cinema is getting a software update that makes it an even more tempting purchase, especially for gamers. The new firmware adds plug-and-play 3D support, enabling you to enjoy 3D content on the PlayStation 4. In addition, the gear now works with any PC game that's compatible with NVIDIA's 3D Vision, and all units now get head tracking, which you can activate by holding the bottom left button in video mode. As Polygon explains, it's this latter feature that has the most potential, since users can control their PC's mouse pointer with their head.

It's not a full-fat virtual reality device like the Rift or Vive, but the addition of head tracking does make it possible to play games with similar immersion. For instance, Polygon used the feature to play both Overwatch and Doom and said that while it took time to get used to, it does make you more precise. The update is available in both the iOS and Android apps and should be fairly easy to get your hardware ready for a good weekend of gaming.