Walmart is testing grocery deliveries with Uber and Lyft

The limited trial will begin in Denver and Phoenix, with drivers dropping off your shop at your front door.

Online grocery deliveries are commonplace in Europe, but America's size makes it difficult for even the largest firms to offer it nationwide. That's why Walmart is teaming up with Uber and Lyft to test a delivery service for online shoppers. All a user has to do is order their usual groceries online and a Walmart employee will gather all of it together. When ready, an Uber or Lyft will be called and dispatched to your home with a trunk full of pizza rolls, toothpaste and Kleenex.

So far, this limited trial is kicking off with Uber in Denver and, according to Business Insider, Lyft in Phoenix. Rather than paying the driver directly, Walmart shoppers will be charged between $7-10 per delivery. The company is also testing a similar service with Deliv, out of its Sam's Club stores in Miami. Grocery deliveries are becoming a big deal, with firms like Target and Amazon hoping to elbow-out more established players in the market. The fact that Walmart is leveraging Uber and other ride-sharing companies is, in a way, a tacit indictment of its failure to get this going with this soon enough.