​Samsung might have bendable, foldable smartphones ready for 2017

One device will fold 'like a cosmetic compact'. Or a flip-phone.

Bloomberg sources say that Samsung is thinking of introducing phones with bendable screens. In fact, Samsung said that it would have that technology ready by 2017 itself, just a few years ago at its investors conference. However, this goes some way to proving that Samsung has developed the tech enough to bring it to consumer product. A pair of devices will have flexible OLED screens, with one folding like a cosmetic compact and another that transforms from a 5-inch smartphone-sized screen to a display roughly eight inches large; so... a tablet.

Screen tech could be the next battleground between Samsung's Galaxy series of phones and the Apple iPhone, which is also rumored to pack OLED screens in the future. The phones, codenamed "Project Valley", may even appear as early as Mobile World Congress, around February 2017. Just give me my picnic blanket 4K TV already. I've suffered enough.