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VTime lets you hang with friends in VR, whatever the hardware

Finally, somewhere to socialize without leaving the comfort of your headset.


As virtual reality goes more and more mainstream, there are still scant few options where you can just get your friends together and, you know... hang out in a VR world. Like, on the side of a cliff perhaps. Enter: vTime, which just rolled out an updated version for Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift.

The main hook of vTime is a socializing feature where users can just sort of sit around and chat with family and friends (or their avatars, to be precise). The app currently offers a variety of exotic and pre-rendered settings in which to virtually hang, so this is your place if you've ever dreamt of catching up with pals on a Parisian rooftop at sunset, or talking to your VR-ready grandparents while dangling on the side of a cliff. (Which might actually be therapeutic for your friends with acrophobia.) While you can't quite forge your own reality yet, vTime does allow users to create their own setting by uploading 360-degree images or 2D still photos. And there's also a feature to take vSelfies of your vSelf hanging out with your vFriends.

While the concept may feel a bit like re-treading an early 2000s idea of a virtual chat room, it does offer cross-platform support for today's fractured VR world.