Oculus Rift comes to 48 Best Buy stores May 7th

Take the hardware for a spin before you take one home.

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Oculus Rift comes to 48 Best Buy stores May 7th

On May 7th, Oculus will launch their brand new retail experience in 48 Best Buy stores across the country, with more locations expected to follow later this summer.

As you might expect from an in-store experience, Oculus plans to include a range of VR demos to show off the hardware, starting with the Oculus Dreamdeck we played around with in our official review. For something even more immersive, users will also be able to take on the heights of Crytek's The Climb and explore the alien worlds of Farlands, all without ever leaving the safety of their local Best Buy.

If in-person purchases aren't your thing, a small number of Rifts will also be available for purchase online through Amazon and Microsoft starting this Friday, May 6th at noon ET. Expect supplies to be scarce while the company catches up on pre-orders, which have already been experiencing some shipping delays.

Speaking of which, anyone who already ponied up for their Oculus Rift hardware will be able to purchase the Rift in-store and keep their pre-order benefits like the EVE: Valkyrie Founder's Pack and front-of-the-line status for Oculus Touch controllers. All you need to do is go to your order status on Oculus' site, add a note that you've already bought the hardware at a retail location and the company will cancel the pre-order.

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Finally, if you do plan to get your eyeballs into a Rift headset before shelling out for one, you can find the nearest store and schedule a demo ahead of time by heading to live.oculus.com.

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