Telltale's episodic 'Batman' game launches this summer

'Batman - The Telltale Series' melds the studio's signature style with the Dark Knight's brooding atmosphere.

At last, Telltale's Batman game exists as more than a set of cryptic teasers. The studio has revealed the first screenshots of the episodic game (now titled Batman - The Telltale Series), its cast and its launch strategy. As you can see here, the look is very much what you'd expect -- it combines Telltale's signature comic book-inspired artwork with the moodiness of modern Batman stories. The cast is full of voice acting veterans, too, including Troy Baker as Batman (no stranger to other Batman characters), Erin Yvette (a regular in Telltale's games) and Richard McGonagle (Sully in Uncharted).

The five-episode first season begins this summer on consoles, Macs and PCs. You can download episodes as they become available, of course, but there will also be a Season Pass Disc at retail that unlocks the first season. It's too soon to tell whether or not Telltale's Batman will be as successful as Rocksteady's Arkham titles. However, the emphasis on the Bruce Wayne persona could add some variety after several years of straightforward (if very well-done) beat-em-ups.