Use Microsoft Outlook to schedule a meeting at Starbucks

It can also help you quickly send a gift card.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|06.15.16

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David Ryder/Bloomberg via Getty Images
David Ryder/Bloomberg via Getty Images
At March's Build developer conference, Microsoft gave the full rundown on a number of Office extensions for Mac. Part of that announcement was a Starbucks add-in that allows you to send gift cards and book meetings inside Outlook. Well, that extension, er "add-in," is ready for prime time. This means that you can easily send a "thank you" cup of coffee or schedule a meeting at your nearby Starbucks location while you're looking at a related email. And if you need to place an order, the add-in will boot you out to the coffee company's mobile app to input all the details for your Grand Soy Latte or Iced Americano.
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