Mozilla's next logo will be shaped by its users

Brace yourselves for Browsey McBrowserface.

It's time for Mozilla to get a new look and, true to its open-source roots, the Firefox developer is turning to the community for feedback on what its redesign should entail. The nonprofit has launched an Open Design process to "modernize [its] brand identity."

Mozilla is kicking things off with a "Creative Strategy" phase, during which it's inviting ideas for directions to "present itself anew to the world." You can comment on themes the company posts to say what you like or don't, or submit examples of designs done well.

"In this initial phase, we're wide open to ideas from all corners," the company said on its Open Design About page. After it collects and curates feedback, Mozilla will work with its brand identity agency to come up with some concepts, then invite designers and non-designers to share their thoughts.

A handful of first-round concepts will result from this stage, and they will go through testing and refinement to see which works best with Mozilla's web properties, communities and external ad campaigns. Finally, the organization will select one new theme that it aims to introduce in November.

Mozilla's chief marketing officer Jayscha Kaykas-Wolff tells Engadget that opening up the design process lets them look for the most contributions to get a wide variety of opinions from around the world. "That diversity of ideas I think will get us a better result," he said.

While it may be looking to the public for feedback, Mozilla clarified that it is not crowdsourcing the redesign. It will invite comments and curate ideas, but only the agency and designers the company hires will actually work on the new identity. Unfortunately, that means the name Browsey McBrowserface is probably not going to happen, but we can all dream.