Parents of Teens: Dash Cams Encourage Safe Driving Practices

Being the parent of a teenager is a tough job, arguably one of the toughest. They're independent yet still need guidance. They're bursting at the seems to gain a taste of independence. They want to date, go out with their friends, and occasionally be as far away from you as possible. But there are few aspects of the teenage years that haunt a parent more than the moment they get their driver's license. All they can see is the open road and all you can see is a loss of control and a panic attack coming on.

After all, teenagers are more likely to get into a car accident than any other age group in the US. They account for up to 30% of the total cost for motor vehicle related injuries. Teens are natural novices behind the wheel, having just learned to drive. They're often experimenting with risk, control and breaking the rules. So how can you decrease the risk for your budding teen without taking away this sweet, newfound freedom?
The best safeguard from teenage driver related accidents is to serve as an example of cautious, considerate driving and give them the resources they need to drive safe. Drivers education, ample time behind the wheel as a permit holder and a strong sense of responsibility are all tools that can help teenagers become good drivers. While that may not be enough to ease your fears as a parent, luckily we live in a world that has seen major improvements in car technology that can help decrease human error as well.

We may not live in the age of driverless cars just yet, but there are other ways to equip your teen's vehicle with safety features to keep you at ease and encourage safe driving practices.

One very easy gadget to implement into the driving experience is a dashboard camera. With various features like being able to monitor, record, and provide danger alerts, dash cameras have several benefits for parents and teens and could reduce teen related driving risks significantly.

An extra level of protection

Dashboard cameras offer an extra level of protection for your teen driver. In the event of an accident, which is statistically likely to happen atsome point in your teen's driving experience, a dash camera will keep a reliable record of the whole thing. This evidence can eliminate bias and make sure that your son or daughter isn't held responsible for another driver's mistake.

Another significant feature of dash cams on the market are road safety warning systems that alert the driver of all potential road hazards, traffic enforcement zones, swerving out of lane and accidents. Your teen can't predict everything that will be encountered on the road, but a dash camera can help them think ahead and avoid many of the obstacles.

Some car insurance companies will also reward users for installing a dash camera and practicing safe driving habits. You should check with your insurance provider to find out their policy on this, but recording while you're on the road can save a lot of money and lower your premium.

Encouragement to engage in safe driving practices

Knowing that a dash camera is recording their driving practices, young drivers will have a greater incentive to drive safely and keep their eyes on the road. Given this sense of accountability, as their driving practices are recorded and can be reviewed by parents, the law, etc., teens will be encouraged to drive safely and be cautious on the road.

Helping you, as a parent, adjust to your teenager's newfound freedom

Sometimes it isn't so much about safety as it is your piece of mind. You may trust your teen completely and don't believe that they need a dash cam to keep them on the straight and narrow. This doesn't make their journey on the open road any easier for you. With a dash cam, you can feel more at ease, knowing that your child has an extra level of protection while driving. This makes the transition from the parent of a kid to the parent of a young adult just a little easier.

Some cameras, like THINKWARE's DASH CAM F7 series, are also Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with a smartphone viewing app, allowing parents to monitor teen driving habits. If your teen is prone to texting and driving, you can see and correct it in real time, even if you aren't in the car. Features like this can be incredibly helpful for parents who aren't sure if their teen is ready to be on the road alone.

These are just a few benefits of installing car tech like dash cameras to help protect your teen and your sanity as you are both learning to adjust to this new responsibility. A few good car tech gadgets include the Chevy Malibu's Teen Driver system—which shares a driving "report card" on demand for parents, Ford's MyKey system— encouraging teenagers to wear their seat belts, keep the radio volume down, watch their speed and pay attention to the road, and THINKWARE's DASH CAM F750—compatible with almost all vehicle models and equipped with features to encourage safe driving and share road warnings while recording the driving experience.