Sonos puts speaker controls on your iPhone's lock screen

There's also 3D Touch, iPad Split view and more.

Ask iPhone-toting Sonos speaker owners about their biggest gripe and they'll probably point to the lack of at-a-glance controls. You have to launch the app every time, which is a pain when you just want to pause a song from across the room. Life is about to get much easier, though: Sonos has updated its iOS controller app to introduce lock screen controls. They behave almost exactly like what you'd see for on-device music playback. The only big difference is that it'll identify both the source of the tunes and where they're playing. You can't switch rooms or audio sources, alas, but it's still far more convenient than unlocking your phone.

There's more. If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you finally have 3D Touch support for shortcuts to common tasks from the home screen (such as accessing favorites) and peek-and-pop access to content. You'll get Split View and Slide Over on the iPad, too, so you don't have to constantly juggle apps to see what's playing. There's simpler Trueplay speaker tuning and higher-quality Napster/Rhapsody streaming as well. About the only thing missing is an Apple Watch app to control tunes from your wrist (seriously, Sonos, get on that). If that's not an obstacle, though, you can check out the new features today.