Charge your phone with KFC's new take-out box

Good luck with those greasy fingers.

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Charge your phone with KFC's new take-out box
Suppose you've just fired up Yelp to hunt down the nearest KFC, texted your friends to get their order and then posted a sweet victory Snapchat of your crispy haul. That probably just took a chunk from your smartphone battery -- but don't worry dudes, KFC's got your back with a device charger in your take-out box. Just don't try to plug it in while you're fingers-deep in greasy chicken.

Sadly, the promotion is currently only available in Delhi and Mumbai, India. But reports say that the charger is pretty terrible, netting BGR's writer 17 percent phone life over half an hour until the box's battery was fully drained. When they plugged it in to refresh it, they only got 7 percent. It's safe to say we're not missing much.

The "Watt A Box" charger came out of a partnership with the Mumbai-based digital agency Blink Digital, so we're unlikely to see it come to American shores anyway. Add it to the list of weird regionally-released promotional items, like Pizza Hut's movie projector box in Hong Kong or KFC's paper-thin bluetooth keyboard in Germany. Or KFC's chicken-flavored nail polish, also in Hong Kong. Or its fried chicken "accessories" in Japan. Y'know what? Maybe it's a good thing that we've kept our fried chicken experience pure.

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