Google is giving you power to control the ads you see online

But you don't have to opt in if you don't want to.

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Mariella Moon
June 29, 2016 2:33 AM
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Google is giving you power to control the ads you see online

Google has launched a new portal you can use to personalize the ads you see, and it has begun notifying users about it through either Chrome or Gmail. You can add topics of interest and your age and gender to see advertisements the cater to you on Search, YouTube and other Google services. But if you don't want to share those info with the big G, you don't have to -- the feature is completely opt in. If you agree to switch it on, you're also giving the company permission to use your Google account activity on its services. That includes giving it permission to keep track of what ads you interact with and to add that info to its new My Activity site.

My Activity shows how you've been using various Google services in neatly arranged cards. It lists every search you do, website you visit, directions you look up, Android apps you use and ads you interact with, among other things. While you're the only one who can access it, you can still fortunately delete anything on the page, in case somebody else uses your computer. Google will send a notification your way if you haven't gotten one yet, but you can also access the Ads Personalization page right here.
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