'Evolve' added over a million players by going free-to-play

Last month, the game had fewer than 300 active users.

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Associated Press
Associated Press
It looks like that last ditch effort to save Evolve actually worked. In under a week, developer Turtle Rock Studios says that its monstrous 4-versus-1 multiplayer game has picked up over a million new players on PC. Regardless of how many will actually stick around, that's a much higher number of players than the game saw just a few weeks ago. Peak concurrent users in June totaled 234, according to Game Informer.All those folks playing on PC won't go away empty handed this week, either. Between now and Monday, logging into the game will snag you different skin for the hunter Griffin. Now, let's see if Evolve can maintain this number moving into its massive overhaul of the core game.

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