Download the Chffr app for free to help self-driving cars learn

This is the currently the cheapest way to get invested in the autonomous driving movement.

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Download the Chffr app for free to help self-driving cars learn
Self-driving cars are undoubtedly part of the future of owning an automobile, and George Hotz's company is making it easier than ever to get involved.

Hotz's Chffr app (available only to Android users for now) actually helps teach autonomous cars how to better drive and understand human behaviors while doing so. You simply download the app, mount your phone on your windshield and leave the app open as you drive around as usual. Data collected while you go about your day will be uploaded to's servers.

When you use Chffr you receive Comma Points, which are accumulated on the bottom right of the app's screen. It's unclear as to what you get for accumulating said points at the moment, but perhaps it'll all pay off with a cool surprise in the future.

If you're interested in cultivating the self-driving car movement, download the app here (available for beta testing) now.

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