The new 'Gilmore Girls' series comes to Netflix on November 25th

Also: S2 renewals for 'Chelsea' and 'Lady Dynamite' and a release date for 'Black Mirror.'

You either love Gilmore Girls or you can't stand it, but those that are fans are very excited the show is coming back on Netflix. Now, some nine months after the show was first rumored to be revived, we have a release date and the first proper sneak preview of the show. The nostalgia-ridden clip shows off various points around the town of Stars Hollow and then cuts to Lorelai and Rory sitting at the kitchen table, talking nonsense. Yeah it's a bit more modern because they're discussing Amy Schumer and Rory Googles something with her iPhone, but the vibe is still there.

As expected, Gilmore Girls is returning as a four-part "event" rather than a traditional season with a dozen episodes. Each part will focus on a particular season and be about 90 minutes in length. That'll make it a relatively brief entry in the series' catalog, given its earlier seasons had 20-plus episodes, each over 40 minutes in length -- but for fans who thought they'd never see the Gilmore girls again, it's more than enough.

Update: Netflix has issued a press release covering a slew of shows over this year and next year, which includes a release date for the highly-anticipated third season of Black Mirror. That show's six episodes will premiere globally on October 21st, 2016, while Chef's Table will premiere its third season on September 2nd. The streaming company also confirmed that its near-live show Chelsea will return for a 90 episode second season in 2017, along with Lady Dynamite, Real Rob and S2 of Scrotal Recall, which is getting a new name: Lovesick.