Disney 16-bit classics including 'Aladdin' coming to GOG.com

"The Lion King" and "Jungle Book" complete the nostalgia-fest.

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Disney 16-bit classics including 'Aladdin' coming to GOG.com

Nothing says '90s gaming like the Sega Genesis and 16-bit Disney classics like Aladdin. You can bathe in that nostalgia again thanks to GOG.com and Disney's re-release of Aladdin, The Lion King and Jungle Book. Those titles, originally developed for the Super NES and Sega Genesis, were groundbreaking at the time for the hand drawn "Digicel" tech used. All were eventually ported to the NES, Amiga, PC and other systems, but GOG cheekily said that the Aladdin update is based on the "obviously superior" Sega/PC version.

The titles were "meticulously updated" and have never been officially available on PC or consoles before -- despite numerous NES and Sega classic collections. The company adds that the "original graphics, sound and gameplay" have been preserved. Each DRM-free title is $10, or you can get all three for $20.

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