Microsoft has two big Windows 10 updates slated for 2017

It’s likely returning to the same twice-a-year schedule seen in Windows 8. 

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Richard Drew / AP Photo
Richard Drew / AP Photo

While announcing the gradual rollout of its Anniversary update for Windows 10, Microsoft confirmed that there would be two feature updates coming in 2017. This means moving to a twice-a-year schedule the company had previously set up for its "Threshold" updates for Windows 8, which used the codename for that operating system. According to Windows Central, the first update for 10, called "Redstone 2" after this operating system's nickname, will come in early 2017, followed by "Redstone 3" four to six months later in late summer or early fall. The latest internal builds are around the 14900 range, the site said, meaning testers should soon receive bits of Redstone 2 to try out and give feedback.

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