Amazon will stream show pilots on Twitch for 24 hours

You can watch 'The Tick' and one other show on August 31st.

Amazon is no stranger to showing you series pilots to gauge your interest, but it's trying a different strategy this year. The internet retailer will stream its version of The Tick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson on Twitch for 24 hours on August 31st, roughly two weeks after their Amazon premiere on August 19th. That may sound like an odd move when Amazon-owned Twitch is still primarily known for gaming, but it makes sense considering the service's broadening horizons. There are plenty of people watching content on Twitch besides games, and it could attract viewers who otherwise wouldn't bother to visit Amazon to watch.

The question, as you might suspect, is whether or not the Twitch audience will play a big role in deciding the fate of these pilots. Is this a major factor in the decision, or a sideshow? If it does play a significant part, though, you can expect Twitch streams to become a regular part of show selection.