Best safe driving applications you should have in your phone

Lisa Rachel
L. Rachel|08.07.16

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Lisa Rachel
August 7, 2016 5:56 AM
Best safe driving applications you should have in your phone
Auto accidents can be considered as one of the most prominent reasons behind deaths that take place in the world. In fact, hundreds of people lose their lives due to the accidents that take place on the road. Out of these auto accidents, majority takes place due to distractions of the driver. This fact was proven from a recent study conducted by AAA.

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What would you do when you get a phone call while driving?
Is there a convenient method to use your phone without getting distracted? The root cause of this problem, which is your mobile phone, can also be the solution for it. A variety of smartphone applications have been created to ensure the safety of drivers. You can simply get your hands on such an application in order to enhance your safety while driving. Here is a list of such safe driving applications that you can think about installing in your smartphone.

TrueMotion Family - TrueMotion Family app has not been officially released as of now. However, it looks like the most promising safe driving application for drivers. This app has the ability to monitor your risky behaviors along with time and then provide suggestions for improvement along with time. It will consider the total time you spend driving beyond the speed limit, the number of times you hit hard on the brakes and the number of times that you used your phone while driving.

SafeDrive – People who are extremely concerned about their safety while driving should think about installing this app on their smartphones. In fact, this app would reward you for not using the mobile phone while driving. You just need to open the app and tap on "Play Now" before you start your journey. If you don't touch your phone while driving, you will be able to receive points. Your main objective should be to score runs as much as possible and it would ensure your safety on the road.

Milz – Milz is another safe driving application and it was created by the developers of SafeDrive. As a result, you will be able to find some common features in between these two applications. Milz is targeted towards teens, where they can invite their family members and relatives to contribute towards their good driving habits. In other words, the relatives can donate $0.10 for every good mile that is driven by the teen. Teens who have installed this app on their smartphones would tend to drive slowly with the objective of collecting more money.

Canary – Canary has been designed for the use of parents, who have teenage children. The parents can simply install this application on the devices of their children and monitor how many times they unlock their phones while sitting behind the wheel. The parents will also be sent notifications when their children go beyond the speed limit. – Instead of tracking your bad habits on the road, would take necessary measures to keep you away from doing them. If you have installed on your mobile, you will be able to stay away from emailing and texting on the road. It would read the messages aloud and would respond to them automatically with a pre-determined text. In other words, can keep you away from looking at the phone while you drive.

Drivemode – You would get the need to navigate through your mobile phone while driving. In that kind of a situation, Drivemode would come to your assistance. This app would navigate through your phone and you will be provided with the ability to keep your eyes on the road. Drivemode can also consolidate your messaging, navigation and music all in one place. Therefore, you will be able to see multiple things stored in the phone while you drive.

Drive Safe – The main objective of Drive Safe is to help you focus on the road and it would take care of all the incoming text messages and phone calls. In fact, Drive Safe has the ability to respond automatically to all of them. It can simply be activated with the push of a button. Therefore, you will never forget to turn on Drive Safe before you start a journey.

Flo Driving Insights - Flo Driving Insights delivers instant feedback for the people about their driving habits. This app comes along with a variety of advanced features as well. Automatic trip recording is a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. The best thing about this app is that it would record your trips even though you haven't turned it on. Flo Driving Insights also has a rewarding system to complement the good driving habits. It would take your breaking habits, acceleration and cornering into consideration and provide with reward points accordingly.

Driving 101 - Driving 101 differs a lot from the other applications mentioned above. In other words, it would not convert safe driving habits of people into a game. On the other hand, it would not restrict your capabilities on the road. Instead, Driving 101 would work as your one stop news feed and you will be provided with road safety tips on a daily basis. In fact, you can receive fresh tips on every single day and you will be able to learn something new. If you are interested in enhancing your driving habits, you should think of downloading this app to your smartphone.

As you can see, these applications have the potential to ensure your safety while you are on the road. Therefore, you can think of downloading them to your smartphone without any doubt on mind. Some of the safety applications can be downloaded for free, whereas you will only have to pay a reasonable price to download others. The amount you pay to purchase those applications can be considered as an excellent investment done towards the future because they can ensure your safety on the road.
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