'Destiny: Rise of Iron' PS4 exclusives include a new map

Sony once again sees 'Destiny' as a system seller.

Sony has landed more than a few Destiny exclusives in hopes of selling more PlayStation 4 consoles, and it's stopping as Bungie's shooter/MMO hybrid celebrates its second birthday. When Rise of Iron arrives on September 20th, it'll have a handful of PS4-only extras in a bid to help undecided console buyers. There's a special Crucible map (Languid Sea, on Mercury) for multiplayer fans, a whole quest line ("Show of Strength," a look into the Devil Splicers) and a ship (the appropriately blue Timeless Tereshkova). These perks probably won't tip the balance if you're only thinking about getting Destiny as one of your new console's first games, but they're worth considering if you're dead set on the title and aren't otherwise leaning toward a particular platform.

Bungie is also keeping up a more recent tradition: all-inclusive upgrades. Destiny -- The Collection will launch with absolutely everything in the Destiny universe, including Rise of Iron, and will give you a consumable to accelerate progress if you're not willing to reach Rise of Iron Light levels the hard way. The all-in-one pack will cost you $40 if you already have The Taken King (comparable to what TTK cost last year), so it's not too great an outlay if you're hooked on the franchise.

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