Microsoft will let you try Windows 10 games early

Xbox Game Preview is taking on Steam by moving to the PC.

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Microsoft will let you try Windows 10 games early

The Xbox Game Preview program is a nice way to try indie console games before they're finished, but what about PC gamers? Where's Microsoft's answer to Steam Early Access? At last, it's here. Microsoft has announced that Xbox Game Preview is coming to Windows 10, giving you a chance to play early desktop games and potentially influence their design. The company has only confirmed Rockfish Games' Everspace as one of the launch titles for the initiative, but it's vowing that there will be "many more to come."

The effort could help Microsoft generate some of the indie buzz that has been missing on the Windows Store. You might not have to go to Steam to find the next Ark: Survival Evolved or Kerbal Space Program while it's still in development. There's no doubt that the crew in Redmond faces an uphill battle, though. Steam is still the default portal for many gamers, and they may not feel compelled to switch unless they can expect to find a similar volume and quality of titles in Microsoft's digital shop.

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