Google Chrome tests out a more personal New Tab page

On Dev builds, it uses Google Now to guess at interesting 'Articles for you.'

A recent change to the Chrome Dev build on Android could indicate a new feature coming to the browser soon. Android Police points out that users are seeing a Google Now-powered content list on their devices, and I was able to pull it up easily after installing the test version of the app on my device. Google Reader it isn't, but it does bring the personalized suggestions closer to people who might not open the Search bar as often as their browser.

Even without installing a developer build, you could see the "Articles for you" but typing in Chrome://flags and trying to switch "Show content snippets on the New Tab Page" to enabled. That worked for me in the beta and regular versions on Android, although there's no indication when Google may make it the default for everyone -- just a hint towards a future where your phone knows what you want without needing to be asked.