Comcast's Watchable streaming app adds new exclusive series

It's trying to attract millennial viewers to stream free videos there instead of on YouTube.

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Comcast's Watchable streaming app adds new exclusive series

Even cable giant Comcast has to pay attention to internet viewers, and last year it launched an interesting YouTube-like site called Watchable. Packed with content from creators including Buzzfeed and Vice it took aim directly at the very millennials that might not have cable at all, and now Comcast is trying harder to attract those viewers by offering several free new shows that are exclusive to Watchable. Oddly, probably because the site is not called "embeddable," we'll have to show you the trailers for its original programming on YouTube.

The first three series include Cholos Try, Ballin' on a Budget and How to Human, while six others are coming later this year. To attract talent and partners, Comcast reportedly promised a bigger split of revenue, but it's hard to have revenue without the number of viewers one can get on YouTube, Facebook or pretty much anywhere else, and the only way to get people to try Watchable is to offer something you can't get elsewhere. You've probably already accessed the videos via Android, iOS or Comcast's X1 platform while taking a selfie, moving across the country for a new job and ordering a custom-designed participation trophy, but if not,

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