How Technology Makes Training Your Dog Easier

Joe Hughes
J. Hughes|09.01.16

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Joe Hughes
September 1st, 2016
How Technology Makes Training Your Dog Easier
Training dogs is a difficult task for a lot of owners. Some dogs just "get it," and it seems like they can be trained with as little effort as possible. Then all of a sudden, a husky comes into your life, and while beautiful, this dog is a free spirit and doesn't want to listen to a single command.

The mirror training method works for most dogs, but there are some dogs that are simply not driven by food and positive reinforcement.

Utilizing technology can help you train Fido faster and more efficiently.

What technology is available to help you train your dog?

How Technology Makes Training Your Dog EasierSome of our favorites include:

Electric Fences for Safety

Rewarding good behavior is a start, but there are times when a dog can risk his own life if he don't listen to his master. A good example of this is trying to teach your dog commands outside of the home.

Even simple commands can seemingly be forgotten when once your dog steps foot in the yard.
And if you lose his attention for a split second, there's a chance he might dash across the street and get hit by a car. Electric fences stop your dog from leaving the yard.

Many models have different levels of correction that ensure small and large dogs alike stop dead in their tracks when they come in contact with an electric fence. If you have a dog that likes to run out of the house while you're trying to open the door and juggle five bags of groceries, an electric fence will reinforce your dog staying in the yard.

Distance Training Reinforcement

Traditionally, you needed to be right next to your pet to teach him commands. Electric remote dog collars, for example, allow for correction even when you're not right next to your dog. A good example of this is trying to train your dog to listen to the stay command.

You can walk 5-feet away, and if the dog moves, you can correct using the collar and reinforce the command.

And these collars can reinforce in different ways:
  • Shocks
  • Vibrations
  • Tones
Distance training is a lot easier thanks to technology.

Smartphone Apps Can Help, Too

Even the best resource for dog information won't help you train your dog unless you're dedicated. Smartphone apps have changed the way people train their dogs because there are apps for:
  • Clickers – a universal tool that corrects a dog's behavior
  • Housebreaking – no one wants their dog to have an accident at home. Apps for housebreaking can alert you when it's time to bring your pet outside.
  • Videos – forget what Cesar Millan said in his video? Watch it on your smartphone.
Dog owners will not be able to find success training a dog if they're not dedicated. You need to be diligent and reinforce behavior often. Dogs are said to be able to learn up to 200 verbal commands, and a new study released in August 2016 even showed that dogs understand tonal changes in their master's commands.

Dogs are smart animals, and when training and technology meld together, you'll be able to train even the most stubborn dog new commands – or shovel treats down his throat until he listens.
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