Microsoft's Sunrise calendar app gets a stay of execution

The software giant will "deliver a few more Sunrise-inspired features in Outlook" before killing it.

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Steve Dent
September 1st, 2016
Microsoft's Sunrise calendar app gets a stay of execution

When Microsoft made a final appointment to terminate Sunrise on August 31st, fans of the app were discouraged. Not only were they losing their favorite calendar program, but Redmond has not integrated very many features into Outlook as it promised when it purchased the app last year. However, it has now decided to delay Sunrise's shut down. "We have chosen to wait a little longer in order to deliver a few more Sunrise-inspired features in Outlook," a spokesperson told PC World .

Last year, Microsoft promised to leave Sunrise on the market "until its features are full integrated into Outlook." However, a lot of the coolest functions, like integration with social media and productivity apps, and "interesting calendars," have yet to appear in Outlook. The app was supposed to be shut down yesterday, but if you already have it on iOS or Android, you can continue using it for now. However, "once [the extra] features are released, the Sunrise app will officially be shut down," it said.
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