Netatmo's radiator valves take cues from its smart thermostat

The company's making the jump to room-specific smart heating controls.

It seems like it was only yesterday that most smart thermostat makers were content with their simple solutions, leaving the more complicated heating zone control systems to those with prior experience. Actually... that was only yesterday. Just a few short hours after Tado announced the addition of smart radiator valves to its product range, Netatmo has revealed it's doing exactly the same thing. You probably know the score by now: Replacing existing, dumb radiator valves with internet-connected ones allows you to remotely control the temperature of individual rooms.

Netatmo's connected radiator valves are designed to talk to its thermostat, and are controlled through the existing mobile or web apps. They also add a new feature to the smart heating system in the form of open window detection, which turns the heating off if you're basically just wasting hot air. The valves are possibly the best-looking ones around, too, thanks to serial tech designer Philippe Starck, who is also responsible for Netatmo's minimalistic thermostat. The smart radiator valves are expected to launch towards the end of the year for £60 a piece.

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