Google's Project Muze creates unwearable fashion pieces

Work those crazy vines, work those crazy vines on the catwalk.

Google shouldn't enter the fashion business any time soon, if the partnership between Berlin-based Zalando and Google is any indication.

Project Muze, a machine learning-based endeavor that utilizes Google's Tensor Flow system, is essentially a virtual fashion designer.

Drawing from a neural network trained on various design preferences like color, style and texture of over 600 fashion trendsetters and Google Fashion Trend Report information, Project Muze can create various fashion ensembles simply by asking users a few questions about their interests.

Tapping into users' music interests, moods, favorite art style and gender allows Project Muze to draft some rather, shall we say, unique fashions that are generated in real-time. To be frank, they're less-than-stellar. For a machine learning system with so many different possibilities, it ends up creating frustratingly samey designs that would probably look ridiculous even on a runway.

There are some that look as though they came from some futuristic space-disco as seen in the gallery below, but then others, especially one designated for men, combine ridiculous manta ray ponchos and wild designs in ways that just wouldn't be flattering. But hey, maybe it's some wild new fashion trend!

Make sure you share your most egregious fashion creations from Project Muze with us. It's free to play around with, though you probably won't be building an empire around these pieces or anything.