Razer and Maingear partner on an all-out gaming PC

The R1 Razer Edition is as much about flashiness as performance.

Maingear isn't playing favorites when it comes to partners for over-the-top gaming rigs. The PC builder is teaming up with Razer for the R1 Razer Edition, a tower PC that's as much about showing off as boosting your frame rates. Razer, as you might have noticed, handles the design -- it's monolithic, flashy and loaded with green lighting, including for the optional liquid cooling system. Even the wiring is kept super-tidy to both improve airflow and impress your friends.

Of course, there's some steak to go with the sizzle. A base model starts at $999 with a 3.2GHz Core i5, 8GB of RAM, a GeForce GTX 1060 and a 1TB hard drive. If you can open your wallet wide enough, though, it's possible to go wild. You can outfit the R1 with the aforementioned liquid cooling as well as up to a 10-core i7, dual GeForce Titan X video cards, 128GB of RAM and exotic storage options like a 1.2TB PCI Express solid-state drive. If you're eager to see what Razer can bring to desktop gaming beyond its Lenovo collaboration, you can order the R1 today.