'Inspirational' fashion ads sell exactly the look you're Googling

Shop the Look will cull fashion bloggers' looks for you to shop piece by piece.

Google is changing the way it indexes fashion-related content as part of an experiment involving outfits posted by fashion bloggers. Shop the Look culls various products from outfit searches so you can purchase pieces of said outfit as seen in the photo. You'll be able to tap through the image and explore what's available in a visually similar manner to the outfit via Shopping ads.

For instance, if you searched for an outfit like "little black dress," Google would offer up search results from social influencers that match the terms. If you're in the US on a mobile device, you'll see a blogger wearing a dress, glasses and shoes that link to online shops where you can purchase them.

If you're in the business of fashion and want your products to be seen, this might be a great way to go in the future. Given how often potential clothes buyers tend to search for images of the outfits they want to wear, ads that show exactly what they're looking for are a natural fit.