iOS 10 will be available to download on September 13th

Upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod in the next few days.

In some countries, Tuesday the 13th is the unlucky date (not Friday). Coincidentally, that's the date you'll be able to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10. Version 10 of iOS has been rattling around since Apple's developer conference in June, and we've had a pretty good look at most of the new features, but now they're finally ready for prime time.

As a brief refresher, iOS 10 brings a slew of new tricks that should add more than a dash of "smart" spice to your regular old (TBF, still pretty smart) iPhone experience. First up (and possible personal bias here) is the ability to remove (or technically, hide) all those stock iOS apps you never, ever wanted. Siri gets a bit overhaul too, and will finally put its brand of voice control inside third party apps -- which will make calling an Uber or Lyft as simple as asking for one (among other things).

There are also improvements to the way the iPhone sorts images, a revamped Music app, and the real update we're all excited about: improved emoji in Messages. Whichever of the above tickles your fancy, you'll want to get up early on the day it hits the servers. Normally downloads go without a hitch, but you want to make sure you've figured out all the new goodies -- like the invisible ink feature -- early enough to avoid sounding like a n00b once everyone else is using them.

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