Pokémon Go coming to Apple Watch, phone still required to catch 'em all

Pokémon is finally on your wrist, but you can't do everything from your Apple Watch.

It was the question every Pokémon trainer with an Apple Watch asked on day one: "Why isn't this game on my wrist?" Well, now it is -- before the end of the year, Pokémon Go will have Apple Watch support. Trainers will be able to track their steps, egg-hatching progress and collect items from Pokéstops directly from their wrist. The watch app will even notify you when you come across a wild pocket monster. Unfortunately, you'll still need to take your iPhone out of your pocket to actually catch it.

So, basically, Pokémon Go for Apple Watch can do everything except actually catch Pokémon. That's a small disappointment, but it's not a surprise: Nintendo built a $35 wearable for the exclusive right to catch monsters without your phone. If the Apple Watch did it for free, it could potentially undercut sales of the app's hardware component. Still, between this and Nintendo's announcement of Super Mario Run for iOS, it's a good time to be an Apple-loving Nintendo fan.

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