Sony brought new PS4 accessories too

The DualShock 4, PS camera, wireless headset and vertical stand all have new tweaks.

Sony didn't talk about it much during today's PlayStation Meeting event, but the reworked DualShock 4 (CUH-ZCT2) spotted in earlier leaks is real. The touchpad is a bit see through, allowing that line on the top to display whatever color the lightbar is showing -- all the better for games that take advantage of its color-changing abilities.

Also, it's able to send data back and forth to the PS4 over USB in addition to its Bluetooth connection for those times when wireless just isn't working -- a trick the Xbox One's controller has had since launch. It will be available individually this fall for $59/£54/€59 and no, it does not have a larger battery.

There's also a new Platinum Wireless Headset coming for $159 with "premium" construction and materials, all ready to work with the PS VR headset. A new PlayStation Camera (CUH-ZEY2) has the same features in a cylindrical design that is easier to adjust for $59, while a new vertical stand is built for the PS4 Pro and new slimmer PS4.

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