How Technology Has Changed The Way People Play Sports

James McArthur
J. McArthur|09.10.16

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James McArthur
September 10th, 2016

Over the recent years, technological advancements have proven to be of tremendous importance in almost every aspect of our lives. This includes education, business, healthcare, government and now the sports sector.
Despite its impact in sports being not very significant in many parts of the world, it is evident that several aspects in the sports industry have changed and have in turn transformed the way people play sports. In this article therefore, I will discuss the various ways in which technology has changed the way people play sports.


Technological improvements including application sensors, 3D modeling and motion capture has impacted greatly on the design of uniforms, gloves, helmets and pads to ensure comfort for the sportsmen and women.

To be more specific, smart helmets have largely impacted on how players play. These helmets are specifically designed for players to protect them from the high risks of brain damage common in games such as rugby, hockey, skiing, and snowboarding among others. This helmet is specially made with a sensor and magnet technologies which serve to meet this purpose effectively.

The sensors aid in the detection and dispersion of the force while the magnets function to displace as well as absorb the force. Therefore, where the player gets an injury while playing in the field, these helmets communicate to the coach in a unique way hence saving the situation.

It does not just end there. Online bookmarkers like BonusCodeBets provide information about several aspects of how a team can perform before the match depending on how well the team has been working overall.

Hawk-Eye technology

This technology is useful in tracking ball movement. This technology utilizes quality video cameras (600 frames) located strategically during matches especially cricket, football, tennis and other ball games. Therefore even in cases where the ball has been blocked from the cameras, Hawk-Eye technology is able to trace the ball thereby facilitating efficient and effective decision making by the referees.

In addition, this technology is useful to players as it provides ground for their training on a player- by- player basis hence helping in the improvement of individuals' weak points.

Tools of training

Sports training have revolutionized to include videos as well as technologies in body measurements. In addition, computer software have also been developed in this field and have proven to be useful in helping sportsmen connect with their body workings the best ways possible while also ensuring fitness and proper nutrition. Such software include:

BodyByte: This computer software is useful in organizing and managing all information associated with the players' nutrition, fitness and training.

Teem Beep Test: This computer software is useful I performing and recording beep tests into your personal computer.

In conclusion, it is important to note that with many people venturing into sports as a career, technology now has a major space to explore and make life easier for the players, referees as well as the crowd. This entails coming up with technologies that not only meets the need of a single individual but all the parties involved.

This will not only lead to high quality games but also fair judgments by the parties involved. Therefore with the above technological changes in place within the sports industry, it is evident that technology has for sure changed the way people play sports.

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