Watch what it takes to build a 350HP combat robot right here

The first trailer for 'MegaBots' season one has arrived.

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SN Jacobson
SN Jacobson
Our dreams of watching giant robots battle it out in front of us have almost come true. The folks behind the MegaBots Kickstarter have released the first trailer for their upcoming web series that follows the trials and tribulations of building a 10-ton, 350HP combat robot. The team hired an Emmy-nominated video team to capture all the gory details, and it sounds like the main event -- a hand-to-hand battle against Japan's Kuratas robot -- will be the season finale.

The first episode of real-life Titanfall will drop September 28th on the MegaBots YouTube channel and Facebook page. After that, release cadence will be every two weeks. But because the team is still filming, it warns that exact timing could be a little hit or miss for each subsequent episode. Check out the video below for your first taste of the chaos.

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